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Magic Johnson now|ealalm

Magic Johnson is not having fun any longer.

Magic Johnson is not having fun any longer

"Today, i am attending to step down as president," the previous NBA adept told a gaggle of reporters on Tues night, concerning Associate in Nursing hour and a 0.5 before the l.  a.   Lakers compete their last game of the season. "I was happier after I wasn't the president."

Johnson has served because the team's president of basketball operations for over 2 years – the most recent move during a long and winning career as a businessperson and giver once he retired from basketball in 1991 once he tested positive for HIV .

His resignation came out of the blue; on Mon, Johnson had a three-hour meeting concerning the team's future once its sixth consecutive losing season, The Associated Press rumored.

Reporters and basketball fans weren't the sole ones to search out out concerning his resignation late within the game.

"Somebody's gonna got to tell my boss," Johnson told reporters.

His boss is Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, UN agency employed Johnson simply over 2 years agone once she fired her brother Jim, UN agency was vp of basketball operations, and chief Mitch Kupchak in a trial to vary things up once multiple losing seasons.

Magic Johnson is conducting Associate in Nursing impromptu news conference and simply stepped down as Lakers president. He aforementioned he loves Jeanie Buss sort of a sister.

— Dave McMenamin (@mcten) April ten, 2019
Johnson aforementioned he simply could not face Buss, UN agency he referred to as "my sister."

"Have you actually not told Jeanie yet?" a communicator asked.

"No, I haven't. I couldn't," he answered. "She does not recognize i am standing here as a result of I knew i'd be crying sort of a baby ahead of her."

The Hall-of-Famer barely unbroken it along ahead of the press: "I'm on the brink of cry currently," he said.

When his boss inevitably detected the news, the Lakers issued an announcement thanking Johnson for his time with the team. "There isn't any bigger l.  a.   Laker than Earvin Johnson," aforementioned the statement. "He can forever be not solely a Lakers icon, however our family."

Buss conjointly tweeted her thanks:

Earvin, I wanted operating aspect by aspect with you. You’ve brought USA a protracted method. we'll continue the journey. we have a tendency to love you 💜💛 https://t.co/ofmQl6BtBz

— Jeanie Buss (@JeanieBuss) April ten, 2019
But not everybody thought Johnson was smart for the Lakers.

"It's a large number," aforementioned sports anchor Rob Parker recently, career the previous president of basketball operations "tragic Johnson."

"Nobody ... thought that the Lakers would not create the playoffs once LeBron James came here, even with the injury," aforementioned Parker.

James, UN agency joined the LA team in July of last year, did not reply to Johnson's resignation on Tues.

LeBron James didn’t address the media and had his security try and stop reporters UN agency came close to him. LeBron on the phone: “Crazy, crazy, crazy.” Yep. pic.twitter.com/PObznj26Rd

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) April ten, 2019
Johnson did not offer any specific reasons for his call to quit.

He aforementioned he is pleased with wherever the team has gone throughout his 2 years. "We're halfway there with Lebron returning," aforementioned Johnson. "I suppose this team goes to be in position to essentially contend for championship with the expansion of the young players."

The Lakers all over their season with a loss to the Portland path Blazers on Tues night, once being eliminated from the contest race last month.

They accustomed be Associate in Nursing all-star team with sixteen NBA championship wins. however it has been six straight years since their last win, and 3 years since they created the playoffs.

LeBron and also the Lakers: What Went Wrong throughout His 1st Season In l.  a.  
Magic And Bird: A competition provides thanks to friendly relationship
Magic And Bird: A competition provides thanks to friendly relationship
Johnson aforementioned he's not stepping down attributable to variations he is had with the team's coach of 3 years, Luke Walton.

"I like Luke tons," aforementioned Johnson. "We have completely different opinions concerning various things – that is OK."

It's been wide rumored that the Lakers were expected to dismiss Walton at the tip of the regular season.

Walton told reporters he did not recognize Johnson was progressing to quit. "I recognized a similar time as you guys," aforementioned the coach at a news conference once the team's Tues outdoor game.

However, Johnson did recommend mistily that his departure had {to do|to try to to|to try Associate in Nursingd do} with an future confrontation.

"Tomorrow, i'd got to result somebody's life – ruin their life," he said. "That's not fun on behalf of me, that is not UN agency i'm."

Delivering unhealthy news – that is one in all the task necessities Johnson aforementioned he does not like. He talked concerning the challenge of getting to trade players that he likes.

Magic Johnson simply gave the longest, strangest, greatest "I'm stepping down" news conference I actually have ever witnessed. simply fantastically freaky and fully contradictory. None of it created sense - except he's currently therefore happy eased to be going back to his recent life.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) April ten, 2019
Johnson would preferably be on the opposite aspect of things, serving to mentor players like court game champion Serena Williams and Philadelphia 76ers purpose guard mount Simmons.

But NBA rules forestall groups – together with players, coaches and management – from doing something which may tempt a player off from another team they are below contract with. Mentoring another player are often construed as change of state.

Johnson has been investigated by the NBA for change of state fourfold, together with for his response to a mentoring request from Simmons in Feb. conjointly this year, Johnson incurred a $500,000 fine for "impermissible contact" with state capital Thunder player Paul George's agent, and another $50,000 for praiseful metropolis greenbacks player Giannis Antetokounmpo.
Magic Johnson is not having fun any longer.
Magic Johnson now|ealalm

Johnson aforementioned he is had enough of the change of state charges. "I can not help young MEn UN agency wish me to assist them," he said. "I detest that; i favor to be free."

He conjointly aforementioned he was bored with "the backstabbing and also the whispering" related to his leadership position.

"What am I doing? I've got an exquisite life," aforementioned Johnson, laughing. "So i am gonna return thereto stunning life."
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